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Dry White Wine
Wings of the Wind $14.00
This wine has a crisp clean taste, with citrus flavors of lemon, lime and grapefruit, and a hint of spice in the aroma. A wonderful match for poultry, fish and light cream or herb sauces..

Dry Red Wines
Monks Haven Merlot (2012) $26.00
Spicy dark fruit aromas lead to flavor hints of tart red currants, with the pleasantness of smooth defined tannins and a dark chocolate finish.
Cascaden Cabernet $18.00
This cabernet sauvignon has dark fruit flavors and distinct tannins that give a long finish. Pair with red meat and bold cheeses.

Semi-Sweet Wines
SS Gem $13.00
This semi-sweet red has smooth and spicy dark fruit flavors, with a soft and silky dry finish. Pairs with most foods but is exceptional with lasagna, spaghetti or anything with a marinara/red sauce.
Harvest Apple $12.00
Nicely balanced fruit wine. Not too tart or sweet, with lovely apple flavor. Pair with turkey, ham, pork, chicken and mild cheeses.
Bow Wave *An Aperitif Wine* $15.00
Bright and spicy with a hint of savoryness and bitters. Finishes with a gentle sweetness. Have a glass prior to dinner to tantalize the palate.

Sweet & Fruit Wines
Midnight Plum $14.00
A fruit wine that smells like the first bite out of a plum. The flavor of a ripe plum with a gentle tingle and long finish. Sit and relax with this enjoyably sweet wine.
Mariner's Red $12.00
A spicy nose, a bright berry palate, and a cherry finish mark this wine. Great with spicier foods.
Channel Marker One $12.00
A tropical nose, with flavors of apple and citrus, make a satisfyingly sweet wine. Pair with ham, bacon, salty and spicy foods.

Fruit Dessert Wine
Golden Strawberry (375 ml) $18.00
This is a 100% strawberry dessert wine with a wonderful golden red color. The burst of fruit flavor matches the vibrant strawberry aroma.

Spiced Wines
Baked Apple (2014) $14.00
We steeped a fabulous blend of mulling spices in our Harvest Apple wine to create this tasty and enjoyable treat. Think cinnamon baked apples, mmmmm! 100% Michigan apples from Kapnick Orchards here in Tecumseh. Wonderful warmed or chilled!
Fireside (2014) $14.00
This is Pentamere’s version of a traditional spiced wine (Glühwein) served in the German Christmas markets and during the fall and winter months. We’ve added mulling spices to a very nice sweet red wine, and you just need to warm it over low heat and enjoy.

Godzilla-size bottle of Pentamere's Gewürztraminer


5% off for six bottles, 12.5% for a case of twelve.

We can ship Pentamere's best to you, anywhere in the State of Michigan! (and selected other states, as well.) Call us at 517-423-9000 for details.

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